Search Skate is a patented multi-stakeholder Internet Governance System that’s bottom-up, collaborative and balanced. Designed to be implemented by and for the Internet, it goes up in months with minimal start-up costs, and introduces a new multi-billion dollar Internet fund to ensure the Internet remains an independent global asset.


Why is an Internet Governance System Critical?

The Internet is the world’s most valuable global public asset. It belongs to everyone and should be responsive to their needs. However as our needs and technologies change, the Internet changes, producing a myriad of difficult, multi-faceted and sometime conflicting issues such as: user privacy in relation to data brokering and government surveillance to identify criminal and terroristic activities; emerging technologies in relation to cybersecurity; cultural and linguistic diversity in relation to return on investment; and an open, interoperable architecture in relation to proprietary processes.

The Internet Governance Forum (#IGF), and other governance organizations work to resolve digital policy issues like these by bringing representatives of various groups together on an annual basis. However, currently there is no entity is authorized to negotiate outcomes for the Internet so governance groups rely on influencing the decisions of the policy setting entities. Participation in the IFG global process is limited to members of the World Summit on the Information Society (#WSIS) and the Economic and Social Council (#ECOSOC), or those with proven expertise and experience in Internet Governance.

These organizations have done an amazing job, but with the speed of change and the challenges we face in global cybersecurity, we need to find a way to address issues as they arise on a 24/365 basis. And all Internet stakeholders (global citizens) need to be able to report and track Internet and Human Rights abuses, as well as participate in decision making processes that are open and transparent…not an easy task.

There are still over 3 billion people who don’t have Internet access or a voice in its development. Sometimes referred to as the “forgotten” this backlog of unconnected citizens face multiple obstacles in gaining access to the #globalinternet and closing the #digitaldivide.

Then there are the vast majority of the 4+ billion stakeholders who have Internet access and don’t participate in shaping its future. Reasons vary, but include: no clearly identified and easily accessible path to participation; limitations on who can have direct participation; affordability of participation process; and a lack of understanding of the issues. Among those who do participate, many report a lack of balance between the voices of commercial stakeholders and voices of the stakeholders representing the public good (non-commercial entities); and the strength of large, highly industrialized countries versus small or Southern Hemisphere countries with different needs. So how can all stakeholders (global citizens) participate and their voices be balanced?


So what does Search Skate offer?

Search Skate’s an on-line Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance System that: distributes the Internet and its benefits to all nations and peoples; creates a common global framework to support inclusive bottom-up and cross-sector collaboration; and balances stakeholder input in shaping the Internet. Starting at the local level, individual users have 24/365 digital access to culturally and linguistically comfortable spaces where they can report and track Internet and human rights abuses, and submit proposed solutions, into a centralized “Workflow/Service Management system.” The issues and proposed solutions are then reviewed, prioritized and resolved or escalated to the next level (Top-Tier Stakeholder to National and then Hemisphere) using transparent and balanced processes; with final decisions regarding multi-national issues being made at the Global Level.

Search Skate’s Multi-stakeholder Internet Governance System gives the world’s stakeholders (global citizens) the opportunity to come together, collaborate and work to resolve Internet issues within and across interest areas and geographic locations. Search Skate’s system does not diminish the need for in-person open forum discussions held by the Internet Governance Forum, Geneva Internet Platform and related Internet governance groups.